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The thesis of the book is a passionate call to grow and realize your own talents.
For two reasons.
1. The satisfaction and the joy of being able to express your full potential in an excellent way.
2. Sharing of the best results of your abilities, giving the world your own contribution to make it more beautiful, richer, fairer.
No talent be wasted. Because humanity needs of all our intelligence, creativity, talents.




Who helps others to fulfill their talents, he also helps himself to become a better person. To support others, to encourage them, to let them flourish, to let them shine, means to participate to a masterpiece and to give it to the world.

We all need someone who believes in our talents, who sees them in ourselves and strives to develop them and make them fruitful.

If we are teachers, let us ask ourselves how we can help our students to become passionate in studying our discipline, to use it as a springboard for their intelligence, inventiveness and creativity.

If we are entrepreneurs, ask ourselves how we can make our employees more productive and co-workers, developing their skills in the company.

If we are conscious citizens, we ponder how we can stop this brain drain of young people who run away from our country, because we do not know how to use their resources.

Each of us has many talents. Do we know them? What are the best strategies to cultivate them and make them mature?

If we can realize our talents, it is easier to help others to develop theirs.


Talents are the seeds
Definition of talent
The ingredients of talent
We all have talents
Recognizing the talents we have received
The resources of the community in order to develop the talents
How others help us to recognize our talents
The role of teachers in the development of talent
The role of parents in the development of talent
The talents during adolescence.
Individualistic frame of talent and communal frame of talents
Individual talents and talents of team
How many talents can accomplish?
Talent, hard work and training
How to distinguish between talent and fad?
The story of the ugly duckling
The talent tree
The "Journal of talents" of their children
The "Journal of talents" of their students
How do you destroy the talents of the children
Development of talent and personality
The evaluation of the talents
Talents and flexibility
Support others in developing their talents
The outflow of talent
Integration between talent development and the laws of the market
Orientation and disorientation
Rethinking the school focusing the development of the talents
Too many academic tasks but they are not talents oriented
Each of us has talents
Invent a Patent
Realization of their talents and happiness


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